Dust extraction features Guide: Using hoods and water to suppress dust

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 16 October 2018
husqvarna air cube cleaner

Dust Extraction Features Guide: Using Hoods and Water to Suppress Dust

With the Go Home Healthy campaign in full swing, we thought we’d look at some of our most popular tools that come with dust extraction features. Our angle grinders in particular offer a variety of different extraction options, from in-built suppression to external dust extraction units. We’re going to take a quick look at a few different types of dust suppression and pick out our most popular tools for each.

Dust Extraction Hoods with Extraction Units

A great way to reduce and contain dust is to use an extraction hood. The hood usually then connects to an external dust extraction unit or vacuum.

Our Hilti 230mm grinder is extremely popular and is available with a dust extraction hood. When connected to an extraction unit these drastically cut down on airborne particles and make the operation virtually dustless. This method hits dust at source and prevents it from getting out into the workplace rather than just suppressing it. It’s a great way of keeping workers safe.

We also have other dust extraction units available, including an air cube cleaner for filtering out harmful particles throughout an entire work area, or a dust extractor which comes with powerful H-class filtering system and can be attached to a range of different tools.

air cube cleaner dust extractor

Wet Dust Suppression

Another way to suppress dust is by using water during cutting. Spraying water helps prevent the dust becoming airborne in the first place and allows fewer harmful particles into the atmosphere. This, in turn, means fewer particles breathed in by workers operating in that area.

Our  Husqvarna disc cutter has both wet and dry cutting ability, with either a dust extraction attachment available or a water connection which can be attached to a supply unit and used to suppress dust. The Husqvarna cutter is great for cutting into concrete, stone and asphalt. The cut-off saw staple on our fleet is the Stihl cut-off saw, which comes with an integrated water connection. The Stihl saw also cuts into metal, tiles or bricks as well as concrete, stone and asphalt.

cut-off saw

Every tool in our range that has dust extraction features available will be flagged with a dust symbol online and in the catalogue. You can also filter products by dust features on the website. You can find all our dust and fume extractors here.

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