PASMA Training Courses at The Hireman

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 13 May 2024

Upgrade your skills and stay safe while working at heights with The Hireman. We provide quality training and equipment to ensure your success. Reach new heights with confidence – choose The Hireman now!

At The Hireman, safety is paramount. We provide PASMA training courses to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate mobile access towers safely and effectively.

Led by our experienced in-house trainers, PASMA Training Courses provide comprehensive hands-on practical training along with essential theoretical knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to working at height, our courses cater to individuals at all experience levels.

Key benefits:

  • Hands-on learning with our cutting-edge equipment
  • Expert instruction from hire industry professionals
  • Convenient central London location
  • Spacious training facilities accommodating up to 12 delegates
  • Complimentary refreshments for an enhanced learning experience
  • Tailored, bespoke courses to meet specific requirements

Why choose The Hireman for your PASMA Training? Our centres provide top-quality training services led by experienced instructors in state-of-the-art suites or on your premises. We have a trusted reputation for reliability and excellence in tool hire services.

Invest in your team’s safety with our PASMA Training Courses. Register today to enhance your skills and ensure workplace safety.

For further information or to book your place, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

Introducing The Hireman’s New PASMA Instructor

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 11 April 2024

We are thrilled to announce that The Hireman’s Chris Harrison has recently become a PASMA Instructor. A well-deserved congratulations is in order and we look forward to seeing Chris delivering training courses soon!

The Hireman is a PASMA-accredited training provider, offering a range of Health & Safety courses including first aid, manual handling and abrasive wheel training. Our training is provided at one of our state-of-the-art centres, or we can provide training at your place of work where appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming PASMA Certified and would like to book any of the following courses with Chris, please get in touch.
• Towers for Users
• Low-Level Access
• Combined Towers for Users and Low-Level Access
• Work at Height (Novice)

For further information. Contact us on 0207 232 5640 or email us at [email protected]

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

The Hireman Expands Its Reach: New Depot Opening Soon In Kent!

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 26 February 2024
New Depot Opening Soon Blue And Yellow Banner

We are excited to announce that The Hireman is expanding by opening its fourth depot, in Kent. This new hire hub will support our existing operation and increase our reach and range throughout London and the South East. It’s a demonstration of our commitment to improving the service we offer our customers, by upscaling our business, increasing our service area, and diversifying our range of equipment.  

“This expansion will improve our service levels throughout London, the Home Counties, and beyond. It’s exciting because we’re growing with and supporting our customers, while also attracting many more with our personal approach to customer service.

I also believe that hire is an important circular business model, crucial to our environmental and sustainability goals as a nation, and I’m therefore delighted to be able to grow a business that can have such a positive impact towards achieving those goals”.

Neil Graham, Managing Director at The Hireman

With the upcoming launch of our Kent depot, customers can also anticipate an even wider selection of equipment. Our growing vehicle fleet will enable us to cover more miles and increase our deliveries and collections every month. In addition, an all-new selection of plant, machinery and powered access will be rolling into our depots to accommodate the growing demand in our industry. 

“The Hireman are extending our reach with this new venture into Kent. The ability to provide same day deliveries with first rate equipment, into Kent is something we have been looking at for a long time. Existing customers and new will be benefiting from this brilliant location”. 

Nick Goodwin, Depot Manager

Follow us for more updates on our grand opening, where we’ll showcase our facility and an extensive array of tools and equipment. 

For more details on The Hireman’s expansion into Kent and ongoing updates, please visit our website. 

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Protecting the Backbone of Construction: Minimising Risks from Material Handling

Author Allan Tregear Calendar 8 January 2024

Construction workers face physically demanding challenges on a daily basis which can significantly impact their lives. Many regulations and initiatives aim to warn workers of the associated risks, including the rising concern of long-term health issues from improper manual handling. We’ll explore such regulations and dive deeper into the best practices when lifting and handling material and the best equipment to minimise adverse health.

Routine lifting of heavy objects, daily exposure to whole-body vibrations, and repeatedly performing forceful tasks can take a toll on a worker’s body. Research has shown workers can develop symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) over time – an injury or condition that can affect the back, joints and limbs. MSD can present itself in many forms, but the main symptoms include pain, stiffness, and limitation of movement. They can even lead to long-standing disability, which affects the quality of life and independence. Estimates indicate that 42,000 people in construction are affected by MSD conditions, which accounts for 53% of all ill health in the sector. 

The prevention of MSD conditions entails understanding how to lift heavy materials, using the right equipment to minimise strain on the body and taking the necessary steps to minimise overall risks.

Minimising risks

The current law requires that employers control the risks to the health of their workers, including the prevention of MSD-inducing lifting tasks. The on-site management’s role is to ensure workers refrain from lifting overly heavy objects in relation to their body weight and that they are educated on how to use the appropriate machinery. 

In addition, to comply with handling regulations, employers must carry out risk assessments in their working environment and provide the appropriate equipment to ensure workers can avoid hazardous operations. Reducing risks will minimise the number of workers taking sick leave and lower the sector’s 53% ill health statistic.


Employees must ensure that machinery is maintained well to be used whenever necessary. Such regular maintenance is guaranteed with equipment hire as they regularly undergo quality checks. At The Hireman, we have dedicated workshop teams trained in product repair, extending the life cycle of our equipment and ensuring that they are continuously operating at optimum efficiency.

Using the right equipment

The Hireman can provide all the equipment necessary to keep workers safe and not lift exceedingly heavy objects on-site. For transportation, The Hireman provide pallet trucks, both manual and powered and transformer trolleys that can travel heavy objects on flat ground throughout the site. If you need something smaller, the furniture skate is ideal. 

Carrying any object upstairs can be dangerous, even more so if the item is heavy, so the Stairclimber Sack Truck is the ultimate aid when moving boxes, crates, drums and other heavy items upstairs. 

Handling flat materials can be difficult and uncomfortable. Hence, tools like the Grabo and the Dry Wall Panel/HVAC Duct Lifter are perfect assistants for carrying and holding flat objects in place to prevent workers from holding flat materials for long periods. 

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

Dust extraction: The risks of dust and how to prevent them

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 25 May 2023
Dust Kills Blog Header

Dust Extraction: The Risks of Dust and How to Prevent Them


Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) have commenced their ‘Dusk Kills’ campaign to educate workers on the control measures required to prevent exposure to dust. In addition to this, they’ll be conducting nationwide construction site inspections throughout May, June and July 2023. Starting on Monday, 15 May 2023, the inspections, part of a respiratory health intervention initiative, will specifically focus on dust control, checking employers and workers know the risks, plan their work, and are using the right controls.

Over 12,000 workers die every year from work-related lung disease. Because of this, in recent years dust extraction and suppression have become important issues on site. Understanding the risks involved and how to avoid exposure to dangerous dust particles are crucial to keeping everyone safe.

What dust types are there?


There are three different types of dust you might encounter on a construction site.

  • Silica dust – from working on materials like concrete, mortar and sandstone
  • Wood dust – from working on softwood, hardwood and wood-based products like MDF and plywood
  • Lower toxicity dusts – from working on materials like plasterboard, limestone, marble and dolomite


What are the different dust classes?


There are three different classes of dust. Each one requires a specific requirement to be safely removed from the workplace but, more importantly, from our lungs. These three classes are categorised as the following:

  • Low Risk (L-Class)
    This type of dust presents a moderate risk to any operator and is commonly associated with materials such as Corian and softwoods. The exposure limit for L-Class dust is >1mg/㎥ which requires a dust extractor that captures 99% of the dust with a grain size under two microns.
  • Medium Risk (M-Class)
    M Class is the minimal legal requirement, set by the HSE, and most sites will use this classification of dust extractors. Medium risk dust is associated with a wider range of materials including wood dust, dust from repair compounds, filler and clear coats, cement, concrete and tile cement dust. This type of dust presents a medium risk to any operator as the exposure limit for M-Class is > 0.1mg/㎥ and requires a dust extractor that catches 99.9% of the dust with a grain size under two microns.
  • High Risk (H-Class)
    H Class dust extractors include all the features you find with M Class units, but with greater suction and filtration figures. High risk dust includes any dust containing carcinogenic or pathogenic particles, as well as any mould spores, asbestos, mineral fibres, bitumen, and artificial mineral fibres such as glass wool. This type of dust presents a high risk to any operator as the exposure limit for H-Class dust is >0.1mg/㎥ and requires a dust extractor that catches 99.995% of the dust with a grain size under one micron.


What are the dangers of dust?


It’s important to understand the dangers of breathing in these dusts. Dust can do a lot of damage but the main dust-related diseases that tend to affect construction workers are:

  • Lung cancer
  • Silicosis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Asthma

One of the main things to be aware of is that it only takes a small amount of daily exposure to cause significant health risks. Many everyday, common construction tasks can create a lot of dust and the effects of inhaling it might not be apparent for some time.

How do I reduce dust on site?


The best way to reduce dust and the amount workers are exposed to are:

  • Reduce or stop the dust – for example by making sure you’re using the right size of materials so to reduce the cutting required, or by using less powerful tools
  • Control the dust – using wet cutters or tools with dust extraction or suppression functions
  • Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

It’s important to note that wearing RPE alone is usually not enough. You should try to reduce or control the dust as well as providing workers with adequate RPE.

Here at The Hireman many of our tools come with integrated dust reduction or removal features, while others can be hired with dust attachments. You can see which of our cutters and grinders have dust extraction options available right here. You can also flick through our catalogue where any tool with dust extraction features is highlighted with a dust icon.

To coincide with the Go Home Healthy campaign, we’re going to be going into more detail about some of our most popular tools with dust extraction features as well as the RPE we can provide, like masks and respirators. We’ll also look at how we’ve improved our own dust prevention practices. Look out for more in the weeks ahead!


Popular tools with dust extraction features


Air Cube Cleaner, H-Class, 1000 m3/h, 110V


Circulates air through a highly efficient multi-storage H-class filter system and separates dust down to 0.3 microns such as quartz dust found in concrete, brick, grout and mortar. Removing the hazardous airborne dust and particles that are harmful to our health.

Hire yours now


Hilti VC 40M-X (16A), M-Class Dust Extraction Unit, 110V


Our M-Class Filtered extraction unit, with an automatic self-cleaning filter and a design suitable for attachment to a wide range of construction equipment.

Hire yours now


Bridge/Slab Saw, 1000mm, 110V


Accurately cut large materials with our rail-tilting overhead bridge saw. With a Max cutting length of 1000mm and width of 110mm. Suitable for natural stone, concrete slabs, ceramic tiles and masonry block.

Hire yours now


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Access All Areas with The Hireman

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 14 March 2023
Access all areas with the hireman

The Benefits & Uses of Powered Access Platforms.


Powered access platforms are one of the most recognised and used types of access equipment in the construction industry. Their popularity is due to how they provide a mobile solution for working at height, as they feature an elevated platform which starts at ground level and can be raised to a desired height.

Access platforms come in a variety of sizes and have several different mechanisms.

The two most common types of powered access platforms are often scissor lifts and boom lifts or ‘cherry pickers’. Scissor lifts (and mast lifts) perform a lifting motion allowing the operator to work beneath or next to where the machine is positioned. Alternatively, boom lifts are not limited to vertical travel but can move in a wide range of directions allowing them to bridge obstacles.

At The Hireman, we have a broad range of access platforms to enable you to work at height. Our range consists of both powered and manual lift platforms as well as push-around and self-propelled platforms. Our Xtra service grants us further access (pun intended) to any kind of platform you may require. Whether you’re working outdoors or in tight restricted spaces, we’ll have a platform for you. Here are some of the key benefits that access platforms have over more traditional solutions such as scaffolding, aluminium towers and ladders:

Increase Efficiency

Access platforms allow workers to reach high areas quickly, safely and with minimal manual labour reducing the time, effort and physical strain required to complete tasks.

Improved Safety 

Access platforms have built-in safety features, such as guardrails and automatic levelling, reducing the risk of injury to workers.


Being simple to operate, our access platforms can be used in a variety of industries and applications such as construction, maintenance, and event setup.

Increased Productivity 

Workers can complete tasks at height faster and with more precision, increasing overall productivity.

Cost Savings 

Hiring powered access platforms can be more cost-effective in the long term compared to traditional methods such as scaffolding, as they require less manual labour and maintenance.


Some new additions to the fleet


Demand has significantly increased for our micro access platform range over the last few years. We have increased our range to cater for the specific requirements of our customers, here are four of the new additions:

row of access machines


The IQ LIFT PRO 10 is a reliable access solution for working at height. This push-around scissor lift provides safe low-level access and can withstand everyday use on-site. It has a market-leading, intelligent feedback system, a long battery life and a sophisticated control unit that monitors lift performance.


ELS 5.5

The ELS 5.5 Junior micro scissor lift is one of our tallest, push-around, powered access lifts. It is compact and lightweight, allowing use on mezzanines whilst fitting through standard doorways and into most elevators.  It is perfect for installation and maintenance tasks, where the user needs to move from one area quickly and easily to another.



The Snorkel S3010P push-around micro scissor lift is perfect for low-level access, offering proven productivity and safety benefits over ladders, podiums, and steps. This lightweight and compact unit is ideal for indoor working at height applications with a robust design suitable for construction applications. The model also features a wider cage and saloon doors to assist operators.


Navigator 4.5 and 6

The Navigator is a manual-powered push-around scissor lift with an impressive working height of 4.5m or 6m. Operated by the handle, the zero-emissions machine has no motors or batteries meaning zero downtime, this also makes it ideal for enclosed and clean environments, but being wind-rated it can also operate outside or in unsealed buildings.


With access to a wide variety of access solutions, we can get you whatever you need, if you can’t see what you are looking just ask one of the team.


If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

Helping our customers go carbon neutral

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 8 March 2022
hvo fuel - Helping Our Customers Go Carbon Neutral

From the 1st of April 2022, the tax rebate for red diesel is being removed, and it will no longer be legal for use in construction equipment and machinery in the UK. As a result of this change, The Hireman have decided to switch to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), and from the start of April, we will supply all of our diesel equipment with HVO fuel in the tank. We will still sell white diesel separately, but we will no longer supply red diesel.

HMRC accepts that equipment may still be running on red diesel as stocks deplete, but from the 1st of April, HVO or white diesel must be used when refuelling or topping up tanks for construction-related purposes. HMRC is also working on the basis that fuel colourisation within tanks and fuel itself will gradually change as the tanks are refilled with duty-paid fuels.

Why is using HVO fuel good for our customers?

HVO is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to red and white fossil diesel, so this change will help our customers substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

HVO is a paraffinic bio-based liquid fuel originating from vegetable oils and other bio-oils. It boasts the following benefits:

  • Up to 90% reduction in net CO2 greenhouse emissions – significantly better for the environment
  • Renewable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable – synthesised from waste fats and vegetable oils
  • Reduces notifiable particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions – improving air quality
  • Can be blended with fossil diesel and used in most diesel engines – for peace of mind
  • Excellent cold-weather performance – improving engine efficiency in the winter
  • High flashpoint – for enhanced safety, storage and handling compared to regular diesel

White diesel is roughly 30-40% more expensive than rebated red diesel, with HVO costing approximately 10% more than white fossil fuel diesel. Still, we feel that the environmental benefits of HVO justify the additional premium. Fuel prices are prone to fluctuate, so we regularly monitor them and will adjust ours accordingly. Any previous pricing agreements based on rebated red diesel will cease to apply.

We will continue to sell white diesel separately in 5, 20, 25 and 200-litre containers.

Find further information regarding diesel fuel rebates here.

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

National apprenticeship week 2022 — 7th-13th February

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 2 February 2022
national apprenticeship week

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is here, and The Hireman want to celebrate the growing success of our first ever apprenticeships!

Did you know that apprenticeships in the UK date back to medieval times? The first national apprenticeship system of training was introduced in 1563, under which skilled craftsmen, or ‘masters’, would take on up to three apprentices for a minimum of seven years, providing them with bed and board but no wages. 

Take a hop skip and a jump to 1986 when the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) was introduced to assess the work-based competencies of apprentices. New minimum standards introduced in 2012 required all apprenticeships to last at least a year, provide 30 hours’ employment a week, offer guided learning and training in maths and English. 

We have come a rather long way since the 16th century! Today apprenticeships are an increasingly worthwhile path for people looking to gain valuable on-the-job knowledge and skills in specific industries while also earning a salary.


Why National Apprenticeship Week is important

Now in its 15th year, National Apprenticeship Week showcases the impact and benefits apprenticeships can have on communities, local businesses and regional economies in England. 

It celebrates how technical education can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career and encourages employers to create a workforce with future-ready skills. 

The National Apprenticeship Week theme for 2022 is ‘Build the Future’. This theme links to the key pillars of the government Build Back Better framework:

TRAIN – Future-proofing our workforce and careers through apprenticeships.

RETAIN – Apprentices gaining the skills and knowledge businesses need, learning the business’s values and making an impact, and allowing companies to develop the future workforce and talent.

ACHIEVE – Realising the career progression and business benefits available and seeing how apprenticeships can help transform peoples’ futures.



Growing The Hireman family

At the beginning of 2021, after a challenging period for all UK industries, we decided it was time to welcome a new generation to The Hireman family and recruit our first-ever apprentices. 

Our HR & people manager Michelle worked hard to find suitable courses and training providers that would strengthen and support the business, integrate with the created roles and ensure our foundations were strong for the learning journey ahead. 

The Hireman have a long tradition of developing talent and rewarding those with a continuous commitment to learning by creating opportunities to move into different areas of the business, nurturing our peoples’ skills, strengths and interests, and as a result, providing an ideal environment for any apprentice to succeed and thrive in.


Thoughts from our apprentices

In 2021, we welcomed six apprentices to the business to support our warehouse and driving teams and our finance team. We invited them to share what they are enjoying about their experience so far:

‘I feel like I’m doing something useful with my time and that I’m even becoming competent at something. It’s also made me more certain in my goals for the future. I’ve learnt to keep organised, prioritise different kinds of work and problem solve on the job. I’m more confident now that I can adapt to new situations’ Sunbul, Business Administration & Accounts Apprentice

‘I am enjoying the sense of responsibility. In previous jobs, I felt like a run around with no ownership of work. I now have times when I am managing my own work and I feel trusted in my ability to get things done. Working with other people has helped me with communication. When I first started, I was nervous but after a week I felt like I was at home. My organisation has improved, inside and out of work. I’ve sorted myself out and I now have a structure. I am more confident in myself since joining. The most important thing I’ve learnt so far is about mentality. You’ve got to have the right mentality to say ‘I can do this’.’ Ali (a.k.a Ozzie), Warehouse & Logistics Apprentice

‘I enjoy the fact that I am challenged every day here. No one day comes with the same tasks; there is always a problem that needs solving and I feel my input is greatly valued. Not to mention the bonds I have made with everyone. It’s a great big family that I am proud to be a part of. The comradery here is what most sports teams wish they had. Since moving into the workshop, I happily learn something new every week to sharpen my skills. If there is something you don’t know or you are unaware of there is always someone to educate you in the nicest way possible. I feel fully supported here and I’m grateful for the kindness they’ve shown me.’ Michael (aka Mikey), Warehouse & Logistics Apprentice


Thoughts from The Hireman higher-ups

As our apprentices have been working their way through their course material and building their practical knowledge and skills, their teams and managers have also benefitted from this learning experience. 

South general depot manager Nick shared ‘I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback about our apprentices. They have thrown themselves into a brand-new environment without holding back. They have absorbed information like sponges and are already working to such a high standard. This has opened my eyes to the fact that people outside of our industry can come in and learn the trade very quickly and become a great asset to the business.’ 

The wider teams have embraced the process too, as described by City general depot manager Noel, ‘I have seen our people spending extra time and effort in helping them. The team are excited about our new joiners as we get to pass on our knowledge to them, knowing they have joined us with the intention to learn all they can about our industry. ‘ 

Accounts supervisor Kirsty shared, ‘The apprentices themselves have also been so motivated to learn and develop in the roles which has been so refreshing to see. The impact on our team has been overwhelmingly positive. The team is quite established, and Sunbul has fitted so well into that dynamic. It has also brought a fresh perspective to the department; we are looking more closely at tasks and asking if things can be done differently or more efficiently, and she is also able to have input in that, putting her own stamp on things.’




The Hireman is proud to be investing in the future

Our apprentices have become valued members of their teams, and their confidence and ability are growing day by day. They have shown their enthusiasm for learning, willingness to get stuck in and aspirations to progress in their careers. 

Warehouse & logistics apprentice Michael has moved into the service centre workshop where he has shown a real affinity with the work and a keen interest in training to be a fitter. 

Warehouse & logistics apprentice Molly is approaching the endpoint assessment of her apprenticeship but is keen to continue her training to become a driver. A little bit of Hireman history could also be made as Molly would be our first female delivery driver!

The introduction of apprenticeships has been an invaluable endeavour for everyone at The Hireman, and it’s safe to say we are looking forward to creating more opportunities for apprentices to build their future with us.

For more from our managers and apprentices, keep an eye out on LinkedIn for our #NAW2022 posts 

‘If you or someone you know would be interested in an apprenticeship with The Hireman, you can get in touch with our training provider Weir Training or visit our website.’

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The Hireman health & safety training courses

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 19 January 2022

Industry-essential health and safety courses from our depots in and around London

The Hireman is PASMA accredited training provider with training facilities in hire depots based in and around London. We can offer a range of industry essential health & safety courses as well as being able to tailor courses to suit your needs. All our dates are flexible, so please get in touch and we can aim to fit around your requirements.

To book your place on the course, please email us at [email protected].

You can download more information below

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

Protecting property from water damage

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 10 December 2021
Water Vacuums

Water damage, flooding and rainfall can cause serious damage to construction sites and property; you need a solution that will restore your site to avoid delays and financial consequences. Our comprehensive drying package can keep your project on track. Find out more information using the infographic below.


If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

We have moved

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 10 December 2019


We Have Moved: Discover Our New Super Depot

Back in 2017, while planning our fourth depot, in Croydon, we became aware of Southwark Council’s Old Kent Road regeneration strategy and the inclusion of our central London depot within the redevelopment zone.

While the intended investment in the area was very welcome, it quickly became clear that industrial premises like ours would make way for new homes, offices and retail space, and if owner occupiers didn’t engage with developers their land would be subject to compulsory purchase orders. We knew that the time had come to start searching for a new flagship depot.

We moved into Old Kent Road in 2007, from our original location in Black Swan Yard, Bermondsey Street. Over the years we have refitted and adapted the depot to improve the operation and extend the services we offer. As well as being the cornerstone of our same-day service into central London and beyond, it also became our PASMA training centre

Our depot locations, serving London and the Home Counties

So, with this and expansion in mind, we decided to search for something much bigger. As anyone who’s tried this knows, finding industrial premises with large yard space, a short distance from central London, is no mean feat! And then we found two buildings set on a half-acre plot in E16, situated between the A13 and A12, just a 20-minute drive from the City of London. Also being a 20-minute drive from our existing east London depot in Leytonstone, we decided to merge our two teams into one ‘super depot,’ serving the City, east and north London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

This was not an easy decision, but after careful analysis of our service, we were confident that our South and West depots could comfortably cover the rest of London and the Home Counties. Our new South depot, which opened in Croydon in 2018, covers south-west and south-east London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex, while our long-established West depot, in Wembley, looks after west and north-west London, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We believe our service has never been better and crucially we’ve secured our future, building on our 35-year history of going out of our way to help our customers.

That personal touch is a crucial part of our service and we look forward to bringing it to even more sites than ever before.

Our new Super Depot address is:

City Depot
Black Swan House
Unit 5b, North Crescent
E16 4TG

T  020 7232 5630  E [email protected]

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!

Get same day delivery and track your tool hire with The Hireman

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 3 December 2018
The Hireman delivery van

Get Same Day Delivery and Track Your Tool Hire with The Hireman


On a construction job and held up waiting for your equipment to arrive? We know there’s nothing worse than hanging around on site, which is why The Hireman offers a rapid delivery service. We can often get tools and equipment out to you on the same day, or if not we’ll ensure it makes it’s way to you next day. And we deliver on Saturday’s too, just get your order in before 5pm on a Friday afternoon and we’ll arrange a Saturday morning delivery.

Whether you’re based in London or anywhere across the Home Counties, we can deliver tools to you. Our vans can get out to sites in London and beyond multiple times per day. And thanks to our new south depot, our delivery area now stretches as far out as Brighton and the coastal towns.


Track your delivery

ToolTrak is our driver tracking service. With ToolTrak you can always know where your order is and when it’s going to arrive. It’s completely free and there’s no download required.

Once you’ve placed an order, our tracking system will send a text message to any nominated site contact giving an ETA and a link to a map to follow the driver’s progress.




The best way to benefit from our delivery options and driver tracking is to set up a Hireman account. Alongside those, with an account you’ll also get:

  • A bespoke pricing agreement
  • Online account management tools, including all paperwork at the touch of a button and a complete hire history
  • Plant lists, on-hire and off-hire notifications emailed to you every week

If you’re interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to:

[email protected]

And we’ll do the rest!

Finding your nearest depot

The Hireman has four depots across London. We want to make sure you get the best one for where you’re based. Using this postcode map you can see which of our depots is best suited to your site. For sites outside London, the inset map shows which depot deals with each county.

Once you’ve picked your perfect depot, contact them here.


The Hireman Delivery Service Area

Our depots cover a wide area outside London. We deliver to towns as far afield as Cambridge, Southend, Brighton, Oxford and Milton Keynes. Even if your site is further out than that we might be able to help, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!


Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 19 September 2018
DIY SOS family

Tonight (Wednesday 19th September), the BBC is showing a re-run of a DIY SOS episode from July 2017, where they built a new home for the Ratcliffe family on the Isle of Sheppey. The Hireman donated some equipment to this build to help with a life-changing transformation of their home. We went to the Big Reveal last year, and at the time wrote about the day and the emotion of the occasion. To go along with the episode re-run here’s the full post again:

If you saw last night’s DIY SOS, you will know that the Ratcliffes are an amazing family. Garry and Kyle have four adopted children, each with very complex and life-limiting medical conditions. Their existing house was a cramped three-bedroom bungalow with one bathroom. Initially when they adopted Hayden and Curtis this was manageable but they were then asked to temporarily foster Isobella and Phoebe. When Garry and Kyle learnt that the sisters were to be separated, with Phoebe likely to be adopted and Isobella left in care, they couldn’t bear the thought and decided to adopt both girls to keep them together.

DIY SOS family
The Ratcliffe family

The existing house was no longer suitable and desperately needed serious work, but four children with complex needs made this a difficult barrier to overcome. Not only could the family not afford the renovations but the time it would take would have a serious impact on the family. This is where the DIY SOS Big Build team came in.

The job in hand was no small task as the plan was to demolish the Ratcliffe’s existing house and then build a home from scratch in just nine days. On meeting with the DIY SOS team, we were immediately convinced this was something we would want to help with. We agreed a list of equipment that would be needed, coordinated our deliveries with their team and left the build in the hands of the committed tradesmen and ‘purple shirts’.

The Big Build Van!

However, things change quickly in TV land! The initial equipment list was soon out of the window and a much larger list of equipment was requested. With all due credit, our depots reacted swiftly sourcing the requirements and dispatched everything on time.

The day of the Big Reveal arrived and we travelled down to the Isle of Sheppey to be part of the ‘Big Reveal’. This was quite exciting as on our first visit the house had already been demolished, but now there stood an impressive modern home – and this had all happened in the space of just over a week! Along with 200+ other trades people, we waited in a ‘glamorous’ field up the road from the Ratcliffe’s new home while the DIY SOS team filmed the family’s reaction to first entering the house and being given a tour of their new home. Some of the ‘purple shirts’ were on hand to keep the crowd entertained while signing autographs and posing for photos. The final aspect of the filming is the part where the family meet the builders, and it’s true to say that the emotion you see on TV is genuine and there is a real sense of community spirit and a proud sense of achievement from the tradesmen and suppliers.

DIY SOS house
A new home in just nine days

Nick Knowles made a poignant comment to the gathered volunteers which wasn’t televised: TV often shows the worst of the building industry through programmes like Rogue Traders and Cowboy Builders, meaning a few bad apples shape the public perception of our industry. Programmes like DIY SOS show how amazing the building industry is, when companies come together from across the country to work 20 hours a day, provide equipment, supplies and materials, all for free, to benefit a family that really needs the support. It does make you proud to be part of an industry that is capable of such goodwill and camaraderie, and we are proud to have done our bit to help the Ratcliffes.

We also donated equipment to a second, very emotional, DIY SOS episode which aired earlier in 2018. This time it was rebuilding the home of PC Kris Aves, who was seriously injured in the Westminster Bridge terror attack. Read more about that episode.

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New tool hire catalogue out now

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 6 September 2018
The Hireman tool hire catalogue

The Hireman’s new 2018/19 tool hire catalogue is out now!

This new catalogue is a comprehensive guide to our tools and equipment, packed full of up to date information on our products and the services we offer. We hope you’ll come to view it as a valuable resource for all your tool hire needs.

You can view and download a PDF version of our catalogue on our website or by clicking this link:

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The Hireman tool hire catalogueIf you’d like a hard copy, you can request your own free copy from us right now by visiting the link below. We’ll get one sent out to you right away.

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What’s inside?

The new catalogue reflects how our range of equipment and services has grown in response to your feedback. The 2018/19 catalogue has a particular focus on safety at height, dust extraction/suppression and low vibration. All of these areas have become much more of a priority on site and we want it to be your first port of call for all the most important information. And remember, if there’s something you can’t find we’re always happy to order in new products or cross-hire them to make sure you get the tools you need.

Inside the catalogue you’ll find technical specifications for all your favourite tools, including noise and vibration levels so you stay safe. You’ll be able to see at a glance which tools are ideal for reducing dust or include a dust attachment, as well as which of our training courses apply to each tool. Remember, we can provide PASMA training for when you need to work at height, or abrasive wheel training to make sure your workforce can handle those sharp edges!

What’s more, we’ve made sure to flag up any sales products you might need, like batteries, blades or fuel. We’ve even tagged a few of our most popular tools with a green tick.

At the back of the catalogue you’ll find a handy page with contact details for all four of our depots as well as a map to help you find the right one for your site.

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The Hireman goes south

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 6 June 2018
The Hireman Croydon South London

We’re delighted to announce the opening of our new south London depot in Croydon. This is our fourth depot in London and is well placed to improve the speed, regularity and range of our deliveries, while also allowing us to hold even more stock. It’s going to help us boost our service out to towns like Maidstone and Guildford, and even as far as coastal towns like Brighton.

As well as expanding our service, the south London depot means our central London depot will be free to focus on the highly congested central London area. In turn the new south depot will be able to service sites in the south faster and twice a day if required. Our west and east depots will be able to better service areas outside of London. These depots already go out as far as Reading, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Colchester, and they’ll be able to do it more regularly now. There’s also another accredited training centre which gives you more options to choose from when signing up for PASMA training. There’s even space inside to erect towers on rainy days.

the hireman tool hire coverage
The Hireman’s coverage area

There is a real push on development in Croydon, as part of a £5.2bn regeneration programme. We think it’s a great place to be based as the area undergoes big changes, and we know many of you will be involved in building projects across south London in the months and years ahead. Having a depot in the area means we’ll be able to support you along the way.

Some familiar faces will be running the depot, most notably Nick Goodwin who has been with The Hireman since 2014 and will be the depot manager. Many of you will know Nick, who started his Hireman life as a driver but quickly moved up the ranks to hire controller at our central depot, and we’re delighted he’ll be running things out of south London.

Nick knows all the ins and outs of The Hireman having experienced all aspects of the business. His drive matches up well with our mentality, “I’ve been supported throughout my career here, and we’re all pushed to achieve our ambitions. We’re not just a number at The Hireman, as Bruce and Neil make sure to get to know all members of staff. This creates a really good working environment”.

The Hireman Croydon South London
The Hireman south team (L-R): Ben, Sam, Nick, Tim, Mick, Andy and Matt

That personal touch is a crucial part of our service and we look forward to bringing it to even more sites than ever before.

Find Us

If you want to pop in, the new depot is based at:

Unit 4, 681 Mitcham Road,



Or you can contact Nick and the team:

Telephone: 020 3848 4140

Email: [email protected]

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GDPR update

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 30 May 2018

We would like to inform our customers that The Hireman is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that come in to effect on 25th May 2018.

When you created an account with us you would have given us aspects of your personal data which we hold on our systems. We use the data you provided to process orders, respond to enquiries as well as for marketing purposes.

You can read our full privacy policy here –

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Request access to the personal data we hold about you (there may be a £10 administration fee per request)
  • Request the correction of your personal data when incorrect, out of date or incomplete
  • Request that we stop using your personal data for direct marketing
  • Change your mind and withdraw consent for us to use your personal data

In the event that The Hireman refuses your request under rights of access, we will provide you with a reason as to why, which you have the right to legally challenge.

In cases where we are processing your individual data on the basis of our legitimate interest, you can request that we stop for reasons connected to your individual situation. We must then do so unless we have a legitimate overriding reason to continue processing your personal data.

Accessing Data

To access what personal data is held, identification will be required. The Hireman will accept the following forms of ID for access to your personal data: a copy of your driving licence, passport, birth certificate and a utility bill not older than three months. A minimum of one piece of photographic ID listed above and a supporting document is required. If The Hireman is dissatisfied with the quality, further information may be sought before personal data can be released.

All requests should be made to [email protected].

Or write to:

Data Protection Officer

The Hireman (London) Ltd, 156 Abbey Street, London, SE1 3NR

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DIY SOS: The Big Build

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 8 March 2018

The Hireman donated a range of site equipment to the DIY SOS The Big Build team to help with the rebuild of PC Kris Aves’s home in Barnet. The show aired on Wednesday 7th March, and if you saw it you’ll know Kris’s story. Kris was returning from a ceremony where he had been awarded for his work as a police liaison officer with the Metropolitan Police when he was caught up in the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack. He was left with serious injuries after being run over by the terrorist’s car while crossing the bridge.



Kris was unable to return home for months after the attack. With a house completely unsuited to his new needs he was stuck in hospital. Narrow corridors, no downstairs toilet and a  front door were just some of the issues facing the DIY SOS team when they arrived to refurbish the property.

Hundreds of volunteers were involved in this project, so many wanted to help that they actually had to turn people away! This is the second time we have donated equipment to a DIY SOS The Big Build project. This time we provided a wider range of kit, including; wheelbarrows, steps, heaters and lights, which we were only too happy to offer. It was a huge honour to be just a small part of this effort.

The Big Reveal

We gathered alongside the many other people who had helped out with the build for the Big Reveal. Predictably, it was a grey English morning but the weather wasn’t enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. It was lovely to see the whole community come together in support of Kris and this really came through in the show. Kris’s positivity really shone throughout the programme too, despite all that’s happened to him. People came from all over to help out, memorably for us a local baker turned up unprompted with an enormous cake to celebrate the occasion. It was also inspiring to see how many members of the Met Police had volunteered their time to be there and help.


It took 10 days hard work from a whole range of tradesmen to transform the house. The finishing touches were put on minutes before the Big Reveal as we all trekked up to see the house. After the final bits of filming both Kris and Nick gave moving speeches thanking everyone, and Nick emphasised how this sort of community effort shows what we can achieve when we all work together.

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Gas heaters

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 12 January 2018
Propane Space Heater

Over the winter months we’ve experienced increased customer demand for our heaters. The Hireman have a number of heating options, but in particular we want to show off our gas heaters, which are great for large spaces or building sites. We also sell butane and propane gas to power them, as well as a newly added crane gas bottle cage which makes it much easier to move cannisters about on site.

Propane Gas Heater
150,000 or 250,000 BTU

Key features include:

  • Fan-assisted
  • Ideal for: well-ventilated commercial premises, building sites
  • Variable heat control
  • Robust housing and a carry handle for transportation

Cabinet Heater


Powered by butane gas, the cabinet heater heats smaller ventilated areas such as halls or small warehouses.

Key features include:

  • Heat air and produce radiant heat with the ceramic plaque tile
  • High performance burner
  • 3-level heat setting

Electric Heaters

As well as our gas heaters we have a range of electric heaters suited to smaller offices or rooms.

Find the range online by clicking here

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Teaching tech

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 18 December 2017

Picture the scene – you are back in school, it’s Friday afternoon, the last Friday before the Christmas holiday, and you have guest speaker coming to talk to you about something to do with computers…

This is the situation I found myself in as I stood at the front of a classroom starting to fill with students shuffling in from the cold. “Hello, Paul”, shouted one cheeky student, as I remembered that my name was emblazoned on the first page of my PowerPoint behind me. “Over to you, sir”, smiled a teacher as she ushered the last of the restless students in to their seats – gulp!

I was at Coopers School in Chislehurst after agreeing to talk to Year 13 students (upper 6th in old money) about how IT is used in business. The Year 13s were also joined by Year 11 students (5th year) looking to take ICT or Computer Science as an A-level option. My plan was to provide the students with an overview of how we employ various aspects of IT in our business as a means to inspire them in their future choices.


After introducing myself and giving a brief overview of what The Hireman does, I set about breaking the students’ syllabus down into real world applications. The first part of my talk was about networks.

Within moments I realised that I had pitched my Multi-Protocol Label Switching analogy a bit too high for the students’ current level of understanding. So with some on-the-fly rejigging I engaged them with a Packet-tracing exercise to demonstrate how business networks operate compared to their home broadband network.

From here on the students settled in to the pace of the presentation and were spurred on by the odd reward of a “The Hireman” pen for well-answered questions. I demonstrated how we track our vehicles, and manage our stock database, as well as covering areas such as social media, software, websites and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Automation. All key factors which will impact them when they join the workforce in a few years’ time.

As I moved from slide to slide I was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm for the digital world. For what can be quite a dry subject, I was pleasantly surprised by their innate understanding of what can be abstract theories when it comes to websites and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the relationships we may have with Artificial Intelligence in the future. It’s easy to forget that this is a generation that has grown up with smart devices and high-speed internet and they are truly switched on to the fast changing world around them.

I was also pleased (and relieved!) at how friendly and polite all of the students were. It isn’t easy coming in as an outsider to talk to 30+ students (and staff) but they made me feel very welcome. I hope that the students got something out of my presentation and that they will see IT as a vital element to any role they will have in the future. Who knows, I may have been talking to the next Mark Zuckerberg.

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ToolTrak: Driver tracking service

Author Greg.Reygate Calendar 28 November 2017

ToolTrak is The Hireman’s new driver tracking service. We began rolling ToolTrak out in September and over the past month it has been in use across all our depots.

Feedback on this service has been universally positive from our customers, as well as from our hire controllers and depot managers. The service allows our customers to leave anonymous feedback and we are pleased to see an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 since the service was launched.

How does it work?

Once the driver is en-route you’ll receive a text from us giving you an ETA and a link to track the driver’s progress.

Clicking on the link opens a map on your mobile device with the driver’s location and his ETA. From here you can follow the driver’s progress as well as having access to information about the driver and vehicle.

ToolTrak benefits

ToolTrak benefits our customers and hire controllers. Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Quick turnaround – Knowing when our drivers will be there means you can get the kit ready for collection or be there for it as soon as it arrives
  • Poor mobile reception – We know that a mobile signal can be difficult to get on site. Even if you don’t have a strong enough signal to track the delivery, you should still receive the text ETA notification
  • Site contacts – It’s important that the right person gets the ToolTrak notification, that’s why you can specify a site contact rather than the notification going to buyers, project managers, directors etc
  • Efficiency and planningToolTrak allows us to plan out routes much more effectively, reducing journey times and making sure we can complete more jobs every day
  • Free & easy – There is no need to download an app and no sign-up required. We will automatically send a notification text to whoever is nominated as a site contact

If you're interested in setting up an account, all you need to do is pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll do the rest!